As time is ticking down to her arrival, we  (I mean me) have finally finished off decorating Liberty’s nursery. #anothertasktickedoffthelist

As soon as I knew I was having a girl, I knew instantly that I would be able to live out my fantasy of having a room to decorate with rainbows, clouds and unicorns! The first port of call for inspiration for my dream nursery was Pinterest. Only took a matter of minutes to put together a mood board of ideas (see above)

The initial plan goes like this:

  • Theme – clouds, rainbows and rabbits
  • Light Grey and candy floss pink walls
  • White furniture

The full board –


I painted the back wall Grey with Dulux ‘Chic Shadow’ paint as this was the feature wall where I would recreate the clouds. At first I thought it was going to be a mission painting all the clouds until Pinterest highlighted that the clouds on the wall were actually wall stickers! Genius! With this in mind when thinking about painting the rainbow, purchased a wall sticker instead! The rest of the walls were painted in Homebase’s own brand paint ‘Home of colour – candy floss’.

Furniture was purchased from Ikea and soft furnishings and wall art from pink blanket, custom made pillow cases and cot bedding to rug and shelving from Ebay. All of the little additions like the rainbow light, toys and teddies have been collected or gifted either by me or from family and friends.

Cot and changing table to follow as going to be gifted but have the Moses basket ready for her which will be moved into our room on her arrival, obviously it is Grey and white to match the theme. In the meantime for the changing station, we are using a table and have the changing mat and changing kit ready, all we need now is a bum to change.

So Liberty’s room is ready for her arrival however won’t be in it for a while but best to have it all done! I already sit in there and read a book in the rocking chair while being a nosey neighbour looking through the blinds. This will be my spot where I will do the night feeds so best get used to it.

If you want to know where I got any of the things from in any of the pictures, email me from the contact page and I will be more than happy to give you the details.


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