People have asked me many times whether we were going to take a break just the two of us before Liberty arrives.  Apparently there is a trend that expectant parents do before child birth which is referred to as a babymoon!  This means having one last relaxing/romantic holiday as a childless couple. It is almost bittersweet! You get a reason to go on holiday however it will never be the same again! As candlelit dinners and ‘do not disturb’ turns into Bottle feed and Bedtime stories at 7pm.

We decided that we should go with the trend and book a holiday and I have to admit it was one of the hardest trips to plan.

Like with any holiday, you have to decide when first and the where. I wanted to go to Tenerife in May but the bank holiday weekends were expensive so moved to look into June. I then hit the obstacle of requiring a fitness to fit certificate from my GP which means I would need to book the holiday before 5th June!!

What is a fitness to fly certificate?

After you get to 28 weeks, most airlines require a letter from your midwife or GP confirming that you’re in good health, that you have a normal pregnancy and the expected date of delivery. The key focus in assessment of fitness to fly is the health and well-being of the mother and the baby. Delivery in flight, or diversion in flight to a location, which may not have high quality obstetric services, is undesirable.

Having to kill the dream of overseas travel for flying and apparently the same applies with ferry travel also, I had to look closer to home. One of the things about booking holidays that makes me so angry is spending the same amount of money on a weekend break in the UK as a 7 day all-inclusive Spanish last minute getaway.

Rail travel wasn’t off limits so what about a trip to Paris maybe? Maybe link it in with my birthday celebrations for mid-July – PERFECT! But no, that dream had to be killed too! To go away to Paris for my birthday, I would be just under 34 weeks pregnant so had to question whether this would this be too close? And the short answer is YES! Plus to add insult to injury, looking at my insurance quote for a heavily pregnant Bipolar woman leaving the country would cost more than the train tickets and hotel for 3 nights for 2 people!

So somewhere in the UK it was! My husband has been banging on about going to London for ages so I will look into it as a possible idea of place. I just wanted to nice hotel in the centre (due to my lack of mobility) that wasn’t too expensive. I know this sounds unrealistic but it was achievable.


We managed to find a hotel close the London Kings Cross which was a modern hotel and offered a continental breakfast for less than £10 for 2 of us. The hotel was the Hub by Premier Inn. These hotels are amazing and just what we needed, the location was perfect and the room was suitable for our needs.  As much as I wanted to stay at W in Leicester Square, I was happy with what this hotel had to offer at 1/5 of the price for 2 nights at around £150. #winning


Booking our train tickets on the ‘Trainline’ app and managed to get 2 return tickets from Harrogate to London (4 x advance singles) for £46 each #doublewinning

Costing up the travel for the London Underground, you can pay by contactless where you use your contactless card to swipe in and out of stations and caps the daily travel at £6.80 per day instead of £12 for a travelcard #triplewinning


The trip was amazing and everything I wanted it to be. I found myself feeling happy and content with life but also scared that this was the last trip before Liberty arrives. I got to do all the things I wanted to do in London and I can safely say that I am ready now for her to come so onto the birth planning. #6weekstogo

Here are some of the pictures:



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