I haven’t posted it by mistake instead of snapchat 😜

This is a picture of my scar! Today marks a special day as it’s the anniversary of my open heart surgery at Killingbeck Children’s hospital in Leeds when I was 9! I had a hole in my heart when I was born and it never closed up when I was born and got bigger as I grew up! It’s been 26 years! It’s a day of reflection and a real eye opener for me as I’m lucky to be alive and need to be remember to be grateful for what I got and what I have achieved ! It still feels so real to me and I can remember the whole experience like it was yesterday!

It was scary as when I was pregnant with Liberty, they had to the heart check scans to see if there was any abnormalities and it didn’t help my state of mind when we were referred to to specialist fetal heart clinic at LGI too early so couldn’t check the heart properly and then she had her arm over her chest on scans so couldn’t measure it! Luckily all is fine and no problems at the moment with her heart! Thank god! It was such a traumatic thing to go through as a child. I had to homeschooled for a year and had to learn to walk again! you really do grow up quickly from something like that! It’s crazy when I look at my niece Amber and she now 9 and can’t imagine what it would be like for her going through what I went through now! ♥️

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