Sorry I have been MIA from my blog recently. It’s been a tough few days and had some bad news on Friday which is forcing me to make sure decisions about my future and do what’s best for me and my family.

On a positive note, I had the pleasure today to meet the amazing Trish from Hey Mama Club to discuss the possibility of running a group similar to her groups in Leeds and Bradford. She runs a informal coffee group for mums who are having a hard time or suffering from mental health issues either in pregnancy and after birth. It is a peer to peer support group for mums which offers a safe space to chat and support each other in a non-judgemental way. I have been approached by a number of local mums to see if I would be able to set one up for the local area so I want to make this possible. The group wouldn’t be run by mental heath professionals and would be run by me.

As most you have read my story and my experience with bipolar during and after pregnancy, I haven’t been aware of any groups available which doesn’t require a referral from health visitors. The group would run like the Hey Mama Club. I am putting together the plan for the group with dates and location along with what can be offered in terms of a comfortable space, coffee and cake. I look into providing a list of local mental health support groups in the area from Harrogate Mind and from information that was provided to me during my pregnancy and after birth . Hopefully fingers crossed it will work out but knowing I have got Trish for support and guidance makes me more determined than ever! Please DM if you are interested in attending something like this.

For more information on the Hey Mama Group concept, check out their Facebook page: or @heymamaclub on Instagram

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