With 2 weeks to go before Liberty is due to arrive, I have finally packed my hospital bag! (This meaning I have put things in the bag as I had already prepared it weeks ago #superorganised😊). I had read so many different sites, blogs and forums about what to pack and decided I would use a mixture of Baby Centre’s, Milli’s (from the Positive Birth Book) and the one I was provided from the Hospital.

The one that I am using as a guide for you is from Baby Centre –

FOR ME: For Labour

  • First things first – pack your Green Notes, Purple Notes (if your midwife has given them to you yet) and your birth plan.
  • I have packed my trusted dressing gown, warm socks and a form of slipper – my black furry slippers.
  • I plan to have a waterbirth so I have packed a loose black vest top and Bikini top to wear while I am in the first stages of labour.
  • I milk my pregnancy with my poor swollen foot and bad back and get  Dave to massage my shoulders and feet at least once a day. I fully expect this to continue while I am in labour and have invested in some Fenjal massage Body oil which is one of my favourite as the smell reminds me of home and settles me.
  • The snacks and energy food that I am bringing are the foods that got me through the Great North Run. Glucose tablets, blackcurrant and orange energy gel sachets and some lucozade original that has gone flat!  (I am sure these things will help with labour as managed to help me run 13 miles). I also have to sweets! Jelly beans, Percy pigs and of course, Liberty’s favourites – fizzy strawberry laces!
  • I have a supply of magazines that I can pretend to read while I wait such as Comso and Grazia and I have chosen to bring a book to read as in hospital for at least a week after she arrives. The book is something a little different than the usual fluffy holiday read or celebrity biography. Derren Brown –  Happy: Why More or Less Everything is Absolutely Fine. I do love a good self-help book and interested to read a different prospective on what it means to be happy! Obviously having Liberty will change my views on what is important and feel a different sort of happiness! #alwayslearning
  • I will add in my pillow from home which is my favourite and smells of home which will settle me.
  • As I have mentioned previously, I brought my own TENS machine as got a discount at Boots via their Parenting Club also plan to use that as one of the first methods of pain relief if I can that is.
  • Toiletries bag which includes mini everything! Also headbands, bobbles and grips plus lip balm (apparently sucking on the gas and air nozzle can dry your lips out). I was also gifted some ‘Spritz for Bits’ by My expert midwife (thanks Bex). For those of you that don’t know what that is then here is a brief explanation on what the product does: Spritz for Bits helps to provide instant relief during episiotomy recovery, post-delivery discomfort and pain caused by perineal tears, stitches after birth, bruising, swelling and stretching during childbirth. See more:
  • Music is important to me and can help calm and settle me when I am feeling stressed! I can’t however play it out loud as like to get lost in the song with my headphones in. I am in the process of creating my Labour playlist which almost replicates my playlist from the Great North Run! Motivation, upbeat and positive! Taylor Swift … Ready for It – really gets me motivated as was the songs I heard as I crossed the finish line so can take me back into that mindset and give me confidence that I can do it! ( its amazing how a song can make you feel certain ways even though the lyrics don’t match the situation you are in)

FOR ME: After Labour

  • I have packed a number of loose fitting tops and leggings/jogging bottoms due to long stay and not wanting to live in Pyjamas and can wear these for going home.
  • I have invested is some good Breastfeeding bras , breast pads and nipple cream.
  • The essentials of Maternity pads and some cheap underwear that can be disposed of. I bought a couple of the 3 pack full briefs from Primark to cover that.
  • I have packed my Disney Pyjamas as got to love a bit of Disney to help me recovery. They are button up too so good for nursing.
  • I have packed my 8 year old niece’s Disney Ariel Towel which like I have said above. Disney makes me happy.
  • I was gifted some Arnica tablets which is homeopathic product thought to aid healing and help with bruising post birth.
  • I have got some ear plugs and an eye mask for helping me sleep afterwards as hear that the wards may be noisy and bright.


  • We have a car seat for Liberty to take her home, well for when Gran picks us up from hospital. Gran has already checked and tested the seat in her car so all good.
  • I have selected a few going home outfits to choose from when we take her home. As I am in hospital for the week, some of the outfits will be worn when she meets her Grandparents and other special family members and close friends. If Dave had his way, she would be travelling home in her Manchester United Kit which will be 5 times too big for her. I have also packed an all in one suit for her for when we travel home.
  • I have packed her pink flurry blanket for her if she needs it.
  • There is a pack of nappies and cotton wool in the bag. No explanation needed.
  • As with her outfits, I have packed a number of short sleeved Babygro’s, sleepsuits, hats and mitts (enough for 7 days). A couple of special sleepsuits which state ‘born in 2018’ which was gifted from my parents and my brother and sister-in-law are also in the bag.
  • Also there are a number of muslin squares.

Drying rack

PLEASE NOTE: I was advised to wash all of the clothes, blankets and other washable items due to babies having sensitive skin and not wanting to irritate her fragile skin so off to Asda I went to stock up of Fairy liquid capsules and my heart melted when I saw all her mini clothes on the drying rack:


Reviewing the list from Milli’s Positive Birth Book – page 175, I have added the following

I have got a water bottle with a straw to help keep hydrated which in labour and also a mist spray bottle to squirt in my face to cool me down when I get too hot! I have requested use of a birth ball and also whether or not I am allowed to bring in a mini bottle of prosecco to toast her arrival when I am well enough (just a thought and something that is not essential contrary to popular belief). I have added Liberty’s first teddy. A seal called Flora which was chosen and gifted from my 8 year old niece Amber. I have also packed a Baby bath towel for Liberty as will be in hospital for when she has her first bath.

Due to the time I have to spend in hospital, I have pulled together some clothes which I might need Dave to bring and additional clothes for Liberty on the top of the drawers if we were to run out of clean ones. Always have to be prepared. So can say that I am physically ready for Labour however not sure about my mind yet. I am in the process of writing Liberty an open letter which will address my fear and mental blocks ready to be in the right frame of mind which I will share on here shortly. (yet another great idea that Milli recommended from her book – page 142) yes Milli’s book is my pregnancy bible – I endorse it as you can probably tell from my previous posts)



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