So at Week 36 the countdown has officially commenced! I have finally written my birth plan (sorry meant preference) So here goes:


Where – hospital birth, Natural birth – Water birth

Who  – Dave, my midwives as know them and feel safe and trust them and don’t wish to have any medical students present. Reason being, I need to be as comfortable as possible and to be honest my past experience with students haven’t been the best.

About me and history – This is my 1st child and want a hands on reassure me that I am doing okay. There is also a special requirement – plan for after birth with regards to my stay in hospital. If anything needs to be changed or introduced then  I want my consent first which will follow after a detailed explanation why something needs to be changed.

Words to use – As my baby has been given her name already, I would like the baby to be called by  her name, Liberty throughout

Internal exams – If a n internal examination is required, negotiate consent explaining why it is required.

Monitoring in labour – Happy for midwife to regularly check heartbeat using any means necessary however no to Foetal blood sampling and no to Foetal scalp electrode unless it is clinically necessary. For further information on Foetal Scalp Electrode and Foetal Blood Sampling on Page 96 and 97 of the book.

During labour – I want to be encouraged and guided when to push as knowing me, I will be too impatient and push when I shouldn’t and then accidents will happen if you know what I mean.

Comfort measures :

  • Birthing ball
  • Massage
  • Getting in the birthing pool to try and ease the pain as baths are the way forward for me. (not sure I would be allowed to bring my Fenjal Bath oil to add to the water though, maybe just to smell)
  • TENS Machine – I managed to get my own for £36 from Boots. Purchased using my 10% off voucher from Boots parenting club #winning
  • Eating and Drinking to remain the same
  • Music to be played via headphones only. I often listen to music via headphones to fill my head and get lost in it so in the process of creating  a Labour Playlist – Katy perry for sure as Liberty went to her concert.

The local branch of Milli Hill’s Positive Birth Movement, posted a number of techniques  that have been known to help during labour:

Pain relief –  Due to having a water birth, this does limits pain relief options as only really allowed only gas and air and a couple of paracetamol. If the pain does get too much then I could get out of the pool, have an epidural and deliver Liberty on dry land (funny that the midwifes call it that).  I know that a lot of people have been scared to ask for pain relief as it can be seen as a sign that they can’t cope. With me, I am going to do what is  right for me and not be afraid to ask for drugs to ensure that this experience is as comfortable as possible so if help is required, I will take it as I have nothing to prove.  I can safety say that I don’t want opioid pain relief due to if Liberty came shortly after taking the drug, I would panic that she might be disorientated and would be convinced that something was wrong.

Assisted delivery – Caesarean preferred to assisted delivery, as forceps or ventouse caps freak me out but like I have written above, if there is a clinical need for them, I want to discuss my options however caesarean is preferred.


Arrival and Hour of Power –  Following Liberty’s arrival, I would like Optimal cord clamping which means waiting for a least a minute before cutting the cord as the Liberty will get 30% more of their intended blood volume from the cord and placenta. More information about this can be found on page 103 -108. Dave would like to cut the cord. Following that the bonding session begins. Milli calls the first hour after birth, Hour of Power. This is the vital time, when a powerful bond that lasts a lifetime is just beginning. So to make this hour perfect, I would like skin to skin, calm dimly-lit first hour, delay weighing and measuring ,

After Delivery – Active Management, I definitely don’t want to see the placenta and want Liberty to have the Vitamin K injection.

I have also drafted a plan for a caesarean birth too (just in case)


As I mentioned in my previous post, this is all my preference and I understand things could change and I may not be able to have what I want but all I want to be informed that things need to change and the reason why given! I am not a health professional so I don’t have any knowledge on medical procedures for childbirth, just a simple explanation would be good enough for me.

The plan for Aftercare and feeding currently goes like this:

Feeding – I plan to breastfeed so Following on from the multi-agency  mental health meeting, a breastfeeding plan will be created in order to ensure that I am able to still take my medication and how much transfer into my milk  is kept to a minimum.

After Care – I am going to be kept in Hospital for 5 days minimum to be monitored for signs of illness, to access additional support that I might need in the first few days and help implement the breastfeeding plan (if she takes)

HOWEVER PLEASE NOTE: This is not set in stone yet and once I have the plan that was drafted when I am able to finalise this part. Still no further forward about whether Lamotrigine is safe or not for Liberty,  but fingers crossed, I will get some advice where I am able to make the decision on what to do.


TO FOLLOW: The Aftercare and Breastfeeding Plan that I have been waiting for !

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