After a couple of terrible nights sleep, Liberty has finally come out of the other end of her first illness! She had a good day with Gran on Tuesday and managed to eat and take her bottles but on the evening her temperature started to creep up again! She went down fine at her usual time of 18:30 but didn’t put her in her sleeping bag just incase and I’m so glad that we didn’t! On the final check before we went today at 23:00, her temperature was reading 38.7 degrees! 😩 had to woke her to give her some Calpol and it wasn’t until 02:05 that she finally managed to go to sleep! She wanted to sleep on me and every time I went to put her down, she woke up and then screamed! It was a case or putting her down and leaning over the cot to have my arm pressed up against her back and snuggling into her neck which finally managed to get her off to sleep.

Wednesday morning she was up at 06:00 wanting her bottle and then shit got really for me! I managed about 3 1/2 hours sleep and then had a busy day ahead of me. This includes having to drop her at nursery, then 35 minutes train journey to York, a full day in the office then back on the train for 35 minutes, collect her from nursery and then bath, bed and then go into wife mode! Having called nursery as soon as they opened to ask what the illness policy was relating to temperature, they were happy to take her back in as her temperature had gone down but would continue to give her Calpol to keep it down.

I was dreading the thought that I might get a call to collect her again and I even break my own rule and called them at lunchtime just to check up. I don’t allow myself to call nursery or her grandparents when they are looking after her as I need to trust them. But this time was different so I’m allowed! Luckily there was no call! She had had a good day at nursery and managed all of her food and bottles again so feeling positive that it’s over! Last night was tricky though was bedtime as she started to get whiny as soon as we got her! She kept pushing her tummy out in pain! Following a check on the forums that I follow online for advice from other parents, we believed that she might have some trapped wind so gave her some gripe water! It seemed to help a bit. We put her back in her sleeping bag as her temperature had gone back to normal and she fell asleep straightaway! I strongly believe that a couple of the reasons why she had 2 nights of terrible sleep was that she was cold and didn’t have the comfort of the sleeping bag to settle her! She woke only once in the night and that’s because she had coughed and knocked her soother out, as soon as it was returned to her mouth, back to sleep!

I’m so glad that she is okay now but this will be the first of many and know the signs and what to do next time

Liberty’s first illness ✅


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