She had gone back to nursery and she loves it! Getting play with other children and have fun all day makes me so happy! Helps with her routine and getting some of it back! She has been a challenge this month as she has changed some much! Her final top 2 teeth are coming through! She doesn’t seem to want a bedtime story anymore and goes straight to bed but likes to wake anytime from 2am – 6am. One morning it was 2am and she demanded to go outside and play with her toys! She getting so much better with her words and understanding like you saw on one of my previous posts! She is struggling with her emotions at the moment which leads to tantrums because she can’t properly tell us what she wants! It’s heartbreaking when she gets all upset! We are getting there with it though! Calm approach and asking her what she wants is starting to work! Happily gave her rice crispies for a snack as requested and tried not to lose it when she threw the full bowl on the floor! She is just frustrated that’s all!

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