This is me feeling like I am managing to keep my shit together! It’s during this certain time, mental health is more important than ever! You can feel isolated, lost, scared and extremely lonely during this time and it can cause you to shut off! With my personal mental health struggles I have been lucky that I have my amazing family and friends to help me cope during this time! They give me strength to get up in a morning and put my face on, exercise to help with clearing my mind, not have fear about leaving the house and support me when I think I’m doing a bad job as a mum! I am eternally grateful for them! Not everyone is that lucky! You can help others especially with kindness! Kindness is love, compassion, concern, generosity, solidarity, affection, care, and consideration, to name a few. Kindness is important Whether it’s dropping food off for a neighbour, getting shopping for vulnerable people And helping those who are struggling! Kindness is powerful and I hope that we all feel enough of it to carry us to a better, happier post-pandemic world. Check on neighbours, friends and family so they know they and not alone! Also if you are struggling reach out, there is always someone prepared to listen! We will get through this together! 👫🏻🤝

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