Wow one-year-old!

No one is more surprised than I am and that I have managed to survive this year and have the most amazing beautiful little girl! It has been the longest and shortest year of my entire life! I have learnt a lot of lessons this year in particular I can do more than I thought I ever could! Nothing that I have ever read or been told about can truly prepare you what it’s like having to look after a baby. Some days are amazing and other days I’ve had just sat on the stairs and cried. Endless sleepless nights including one last night, weaning drama and trying to help her not become a fussy food eater and we currently in the stage of crawling and walking where she is more accident prone than ever! I used to obsess over baby milestones and have a set plan of what month Liberty would be doing what but realise now and will tell all the parents out there every baby is different! don’t compare your children! Now a year has gone by apparently it’s supposed to get easier 🤔 I heard toddlers are savage! 🤣

She literally makes my world go round! I love her so much and so proud of her and I cannot wait to see more of the character and personality that she is developing!

Happy birthday Lib Lib, Love you always and forever xx

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